Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Week 18

Ahh, it's almost May!  That's one of our favorite months around here.  Little man's birthday is next week, my in-laws are coming this week, and it's just warm and sunny out! Even little H is sporting her flip flops!

As for meals, I'm making plans, but things might all change once our family is here...
Sunday - red curry tofu and vegetables (with trader joe's sauce, so good)
Monday - grilled sausages and hot dogs with a salad
Tuesday - food truck night, some thing easy for the kids beforehand.  maybe grilled cheese and dip
Wednesday - Pesto pasta, homemade bread, salad and veggies for dipping
Thursday - grilled salmon and asparagus
Friday - pizza!
Saturday - cinco de mayo fun!  grilled fish tacos and margaritas! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Week 17

We've discovered a good truck night in a neighborhood nearby and it's amazing.  The plan this week is to make dinner for the kiddos and bring it and then buy Scott and myself something yummy!
Sunday - pizza and a salad
Monday - grilling again!  you really can't beat spring asparagus on the grill.  with a little steak for scott and black bean burgers for me and the kiddos
Tuesday - food truck night, quesadillas for the kiddos
Wednesday - pesto pasta with grilled salmon. good hot or cold
Thursday - soup and fresh bread, i'm thinking the corn chowder from cooking light that i make all the time
Friday - S and L are going to the Rockies game, so it's ladies night for H and me!  i have a feeling we will be eating ice cream in our jammies watching elmo!!
Saturday - it's supposed to be rainy, maybe homemade mac and cheese and a fresh sald

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Week 16

It's April in Colorado, which means 80ยบ one day and snow the next!  We are expecting more snow today and then 70's on Tuesday, so our dinners will be all over the place!
Sunday - chili and cornbread
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - food truck night
Wednesday - hot dogs on the grill
Thursday - grilled veggies and salmon burgers
Friday - out to dinner
Saturday - fish tacos

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Week 15

Happy day after Easter everyone!  It's okay if we just eat leftover Easter candy all week, right??  No?  Oh, well then here's our plan!
Monday - Leftovers (real food, not candy, I promise!)
Tuesday - Corn cakes from last week, we never got to them
Wednesday - green pasta
Thursday - The tuna salad from two weeks ago, also never got to that!
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - dinner out!

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Week 14

Whew!  April, wow!  Last week was spring break and I was just back from a weekend meet in LA, so things were a mess.  Literally and figuratively!  Total disaster of a house and no plan for meals at all, it really just reminded me how much I hate not having dinners planned, it's such a good habit.
Sunday - grilled steak (for scott) and salmon burgers for me and the kids, yummy grilled veg
Monday - kitchen sink quesadillas
Tuesday - soup and homemade bread
Wednesday - pasta with arugula and white beans
Thursday - chipotle sweet potato and black bean tacos
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - summer corn cakes