Sunday, August 13, 2017

Getting back on the wagon

The school year is starting this week and it feels like a good time to get back on the wagon for meal planning. This summer has been different for us, with one big change and lots of little repercussions. Money has been tight, so dinner has been an act of what's in the pantry and how can we make it last. I'm hoping that having a meal plan for the week will take some afternoon stress off. I also think seeing our week as a whole helps me make sure we are getting a variety of foods in, like vegetables. You know, those green things? We haven't really had enough of those lately!

B: Cereal and juice
L: Sandwiches with fruit and chips
D: Cheeseburgers on the grill with corn and salad.

Tuesday: (first day of school!!)
B: waffle cups with yogurt and fruit, sausage on the side
L: Ham and cheese roll up, fruit, veg and chips, hb eggs and mini muffins, string cheese
D: Tacos with beans, beef, salsa, avocado, cheese and a green veg

B: Nutella waffles with fruit and sausage
L: same all week
D: Homemade mac and cheese with squash, green veg, fruit, bacon sprinkles for mac

B: breakfast burritos with egg, bacon, green chili, potatoes, cheese
L: same for kids
D: Grilled mahi mahi with potatoes and veg (from Cooking Light 8/2017)

B: whole wheat banana pancakes with sausage
L: same
D: homemade pizza night with salad and fruit

B: cereal and juice
L: leftovers
D: picnic for swim team, bringing a quinoa salad and fruit

Sunday (my birthday!!)
B: easy breakfast with family
L&D: grill out at reservoir with family. I love to make my own cake and have my eye on a few from the Great British Baking Challenge, which I'm obsessed with lately! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Week 20

We had such a fun Mother's day, 
celebrating with great friends.
The day warmed up nicely and the kids
were able to try out my mother's day gift
on the cold pond!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Mother's Day feast
Monday - BBQ chicken on buns with veggies
Tuesday - Spring pasta with zucchini and peas.
Wednesday - Shrimp and pesto noodles.
Thursday - Out to dinner with my dad.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Dinner out with Grandpa.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2017 Weeks 18 and 19

We spent a few days this week celebrating our first born.
He chose to do something fun as a family instead of a party with his friends
and I was so relieved (to not have to plan and throw a big party),
and excited to spend some family time celebrating him! 

On another note, I'm reeeeeally trying hard to get these dinners planed and made!!

Dinners this week:
Sunday: Grilled chicken and shrimp with grilled veggies.
Monday: Dinner out with the birthday boy, pizza on the menu.
Tuesday: Birthday dinner with my mom and sister and her family, chinese take out.
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Dinner out with another May birthday friend.
Friday: Homemade pizza for Scott and the kids. I'm going out!
Saturday: Early mother's day dinner with my daughter and my mom, girls night! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 Weeks 16 and 17

Last week was busy with friends and great weather, 
and since I never went to the grocery store, 
I never made a meal plan.
And our dinners sucked.
Going to get it together this week!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Grilled chicken and salmon and veggies.
Monday - Veggie enchiladas with a side salad.
Tuesday - Pasta with brussels sprouts and hazelnuts in a brown butter sauce.
Wednesday - Veggie and chickpea curry with rice, served with fruit.
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner. Eggs, potatoes, fruit and veg smoothies and bacon.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Grilling out. Meat and veggies.

Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Week 15

We had a fun weekend getting ready for Easter.
The most popular thing we did (by far)
was the Peep s'mores.
yum yum yum!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Easter BBQ with friends.
Monday - Veggie fried rice with a fruit salad.
Tuesday - Chicken fajitas with black beans.
Wednesday - Pizza at a friend's party.
Thursday - Easy mac and cheese dinner for kids.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Grilling out before Easter.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 Week 14

We had such a fun, mellow spring break.
We spent a lot of time all together as a family,
which was a great change from our normal day to day life.
Now it's back to the run around, but also back to the fun of school and friends.

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Family dinner with Grammie again, make your own pizza this time!
Monday - Heuvos rancheros.
Tuesday - Chili with cornbread and greens.
Wednesday - Cauliflower and lentil Bolognese, with homemade bread.
Thursday - Dinner out with old friends.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Dinner with friends. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Week 13

Spring Break!
Unfortunately that doesn't mean I get a break from making dinners!!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Family dinner with my Grammie in town.
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Tacos
Wednesday - Homemade mac and cheese with veggies.
Thursday - Make your own pizza night.
Friday - Burgers and home fries.
Saturday - Fish and pasta.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2016 Week 12

We had such a fun week last week with lots of celebratory fun,
This is the cutest 15 day old baby giraffe ever, meet Dobby!
great St Patrick's day food and fun too.

Dinner this week:
Sunday - Leftover corned beef, with roasted beets and butternut squash and goat cheese, and a fruit salad.
Monday - Black bean casserole with chips and fruit.
Tuesday - Chicken and rice with veggies.
Wednesday - Pasta with shrimp in tomato cream.
Thursday - Broccoli, cheddar, and brown rice cakes with carrots and peas and grilled chicken.
Friday - Homemade pizza night!
Saturday - Fish sandwiches with baked fries and greens.  

Many recipes this week are from this month's Cooking Light.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 Week 11

Our sweet little girl had a playground injury this week. 
It's so sad seeing your kids hurt.
We're hoping she's on the mend and won't need surgery.

This is a fun week coming up with Pi Day, our little girl's 1/2 birthday, and St Patty's day.
Lot's of reasons to celebrate!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - BBQ chicken and fish, sauteed greens, quinoa salad, and home fries.
Monday - Huevos rancheros with fruit and spanish rice.
Tuesday - Pi Day! Veggie pot pie with s'more pie for dessert, yay! (And a salad, for veggies!)
Wednesday - Leftovers.
Thursday - Leek and potato soup, with homemade bread and fruit salad. And 1/2 a birthday cake!
Friday - St Patty's day happy hour with friends.
Saturday - Pizza day!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Week 10

We had a great week playing with friends,
and playing outside in the good weather,
we are pooped!
Time for a Sunday nap!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Breakfast for dinner! Everyone's favorite! Eggs, sausage, veggie smoothies, and english muffins.
Monday - Pesto pasta with grilled chicken and fruit salad.
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday
Wednesday - It's our anniversary! I'm making grilled lime salmon with mango and avocado salsa and  coconut rice. I think I'll make a key lime mousse or coconut flan for dessert. We were married in St Maartin, so I'm going for an island theme!
Thursday - Scott and I are out on the town, kids are having kid food with the sitter.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Dinner with friends. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Week 9

We are looking forward to a fun week.
I'm trying a few new recipes from a new vegan cookbook I found called Thug Kitchen.
It has some naughty words, but is really funny and I love the focus on veggies.

Dinners this week:
Sunday- Scott's smoking meat and salmon, with salad and fresh bread.
Monday - Pasta primavera with tempeh sausage
Tuesday - Red beans and rice, with a king cake for dessert.
Wednesday - Enchiladas
Thursday - Broccoli cheve soup with pesto potatoes
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Chickpeas and dumplings soup.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Week 8

We're trying something new this week.
I've never made homemade pasta, 
but we're giving it a go!

Dinners this week:
Sunday- Chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and fruit.
Monday - Grilling out with friends.
Tuesday - Homemade noodles with homemade marinara sauce. First time making noodles, I hope it works!
Wednesday - Leftovers.
Thursday - Taco Thursday. 
Friday - Pizza night after the science fair at school.
Saturday - Dinner with my mom.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Week 7

We had some great weather this week, 
and I was able to get out on a hike with friends.
The tops of these mountains are my happy place these days!
(And thanks Dad for the new hiking boots!)

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Polenta with beets and veggies (this was so delicious, the kids all hated it, but I LOVED it and sometimes that's all that matters). Scott had steak with his portion.
Monday - Creamy black bean taquitos with salsa and avocado to dip, served with sauteed kale and strawberries. 
Tuesday - Happy Valentine's Day! We're making heart shaped pizzas and chocolate mousse for dessert. Scott is making us a yummy shrimp, mushroom and asparagus risotto. 
Wednesday - Easy noodles for the kids with veggies and leftovers for us.
Thursday - Stir fry.
Friday - Ice cream for dinner.
Saturday -Dinner with my mom after a play at her school.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 Week 6

We're just flying through the week!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Sliders with home friend and fun toppings.
Monday - Fridge and freezer leftovers, ended up making butternut squash mac and cheese, meatballs, and sauteed zucchini. Something for everyone!
Tuesday - Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Wednesday - Chicken and rice, with veggies (and yummy salmon for me).
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner, everyone's favorite. Frittata, waffles, potatoes and bacon, with fruit.
Friday - Homemade pizza, kids version and adult version.
Saturday - Shrimp ramen, everyone loves this.

Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Week 5

It was a fun week with my little guy.
 We did all the things,
playing inside and out,
art, jumping, gymnastics, music class, library.
He was pooped, and me too!

Now our little girl is a Daisy and selling cookies for the first time,
so we really need a dinner plan so that we don't eat all the cookies!!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Take out sushi, yum!
Monday - Butternut mac and cheese with a roasted veg and fruit.
Tuesday - Easy kitchen sink quesadillas.
Wednesday - Parmesan risotto with roasted shrimp and veg.
Thursday - Conferences tonight. So I'm making dinner in the slow cooker. Chili with all the options and fruit. And with these fun desserts for Groundhog Day.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Family birthday party, with dinner, yay!

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 Week 4

Last week was eventful!
Making snowmen one day,
 and running through dry trails just a few days later!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Spaghetti with meatballs, salad and garlic bread.
Monday - Fish burrito bowls with avocado and beans, rice and salsa.
Tuesday - Spinach frittata and waffles, with breakfast potatoes.
Wednesday - Slow cooker ratatouille soup with grilled cheese.
Thursday - Salmon and sweet potato cakes with avocado, roasted brussels.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Dinner with friends.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 Week 3

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Blue Apron enchiladas.
Monday - Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Tuesday - Blue Apron salmon with rice and broccoli.
Wednesday - Corn and potato chowder with a green salad and bread.
Thursday - Tacos!
Friday - Homemade pizza night!
Saturday - Dinner with friends.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Week 2

The kids were back to school for a short 3 days this week
before we had our first snow day of the season.
The kids loved it.
We usually stay home on snow days, but C has a music class that wasn't cancelled,
so out and about we went!
Music, library, and swimming,
made for a great snow day. 

This week the kids have Friday off 
and I have to register my baby for preschool!!! 
How in the world is he old enough for that??

Sunday - Roasted salmon with brussels, mashed potatoes, and fruit.
Monday - Creamy tortellini with sweet potato and spinach, fruit and a green salad.
Tuesday - Loaded roasted veg tostadas, spanish rice, and fruit.
Wednesday - Lime shrimp dragon noodles, with a cucumber salad and fruit.
Thursday - Tortilla soup in the slow cooker with all the toppings. 
Friday - Homemade pizza.
Saturday - Trying Blue Apron tonight!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Week 1

 We had such a fun New Year's Eve,
ringing it in with great friends.
The kids were troopers and partied until midnight!
Then we got together with our same friends and
ran a 5k in the morning.
Even the kids hoofed it, with our big guy setting his own PR!
Then brunch, of course.
The day ended watching the Broncos finally win a game, whoop whoop!
It was a very fun Christmas break for the kids and now they are headed back to school.

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Chili at a friend's house for the game.
Monday - Dinner out for me, dad's on duty for home.
Tuesday - Hoppin' Johns, finally. If we eat it in the first week, it's still good luck for the year, right? Served with sauteed collard greens and cornbread.
Wednesday - Spaghetti with meatballs and zucchini noodles.
Thursday - Shrimp fajitas with guac, salsa and rice and beans.
Friday - Homemade pizza night.
Saturday - Leftovers