Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Week 6

Last week feel far short of our plan, I caught a cold and had no energy to cook anything.  I think the kids at veg corn dogs and chicken at every meal!  Whoops!  Anyway, this week has some repeats, since we have everything we need.

On a fun note, we had a major snow day here last week and L and I make some delicious soft baked Valentine cookies.  You must try them, they are amazing!

Sunday - Scott's slow cooker pork sammies during the game
Monday - Stuffed shells from last week, with homemade bread
Tuesday - Crispy, baked fish with sweet potato fries (also from last week, good thing the fish is in the freezer!)
Wednesday - Corn and potato chowder with bread and a green salad, one of my favorite winter recipies
Thursday - Pablano, mushroom and corn tacos (from last week)
Friday - Pizza, homemade.  We are addicted.  Scott is perfecting the caramelized onions!
Saturday - Out with friends

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