Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Week 34

Happy Birthday to me this week!  I celebrated my day by running my first 1/2 Marathon.  
Whew, it was hard.  But amazing, I kind of can't believe I finished it!
Finisher!  Yay!

Can you even see tiny me in that photo?

Birthday cake candles! 

Anyway, it might be a birthday week, but there are meals to plan!

Sunday - left overs.  I made that delish Barefoot Contessa pasta last night for my carb loading.  Hmm, what's my excuse for eating tons of it today??  Recovery?
Monday - My official birthday!  Scott's in charge of dinner.
Tuesday - I have meetings all evening, but I want to be sure Scott doesn't have to think twice about dinner.  I'll make a yummy cold pasta salad and Scott can grill brats and hot dogs.
Wednesday - Grilled Salmon with CSA veggies on the side
Thursday - Not sure yet...
Friday - My birthday present is a surprise trip to Winter Park for just Scott and me.  My mom's taking the kids!
Saturday - Winter Park!

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