Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Week 22

I planted three new lilac bushes last year and have managed to kill of two of them already.
Not good since the guy at the nursery told me they are pretty hardy.
Anyway, I came home this week and Scott had surprised me with two new, bigger bushes.
They are beautiful and already in bloom. 
Cross your fingers that I can keep these alive!

Meals for the week are still tough.  It's been so hot that nothing sounds good.  But I'm hoping that with all the yummy produce in the stores and farmers markets now that we'll be more inspired.
Sunday - Pasta with grilled veggies and chicken.
Monday - BBQ-ing.  And making this yummy salad.
Tuesday - T-ball night, dinner will be something easy for the kids (hot dogs, grilled quesadillas) and Scott and I will eat after.
Wednesday - Green noodles (pesto).
Thursday - Another tee ball night, i'll do it picnic style this time.  This tortellini salad is really good and easy to transport.
Friday - Homemade grilled pizza.
Saturday - Dinner out.

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