Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Week 30

Breckenridge was so beautiful this week.
 The weather was perfect, warm but not hot.
The resort was so much fun with seven pools and hot tubs, mini golf, and trails.
And of course, town was lovely.  
Such a fun, fast getaway!

Meals this week:
Sunday - My Grammie is in town this week, so we are having a family dinner at my mom's tonight.  Scott's grilling flank steak and salmon, corn on the cob.  I'm making an avocado and black bean salad, and cutting up a giant watermelon.  Should be a fun time!
Monday - Food trucks with friends.
Tuesday - Peanut noodles with baked tofu and garden greens.
Wednesday - Grilled quesadillas with guac.
Thursday - Leftovers.
Friday - Green pesto noodles with cherry tomatoes and homemade bread.
Saturday - Homemade pizza, Scott has been rocking this lately, making the best pizzas!

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