Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Week 38

It was our sweet girl's birthday this week.
We celebrated with a yummy cake,
 sprinkle pancakes, 
 and even a few hot air balloons that few right overhead.
It was a wonderful day with our special girl.

This week we are just buckling down into routine.
School, running club, piano lessons, volunteering, and lots of time to play outside.
It will be a good week.

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Go Broncos! Scott's making pulled pork, we'll have guac and chips, and veggies to dip.
Monday - Summer veggie red curry with brown rice and naan and fruits.
Tuesday - Pesto chicken (pesto tilapia for me), cous cous, broccoli and fruit.
Wednesday - Grilled cheese sammies with homemade tomato soup.
Thursday - Peanut noodles with fruit salad.
Friday - Pizza and a movie night.
Saturday - Dinner out.

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