Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Week 2

The kids were back to school for a short 3 days this week
before we had our first snow day of the season.
The kids loved it.
We usually stay home on snow days, but C has a music class that wasn't cancelled,
so out and about we went!
Music, library, and swimming,
made for a great snow day. 

This week the kids have Friday off 
and I have to register my baby for preschool!!! 
How in the world is he old enough for that??

Sunday - Roasted salmon with brussels, mashed potatoes, and fruit.
Monday - Creamy tortellini with sweet potato and spinach, fruit and a green salad.
Tuesday - Loaded roasted veg tostadas, spanish rice, and fruit.
Wednesday - Lime shrimp dragon noodles, with a cucumber salad and fruit.
Thursday - Tortilla soup in the slow cooker with all the toppings. 
Friday - Homemade pizza.
Saturday - Trying Blue Apron tonight!

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