Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 5

This week should be fun because it ends with my dear husbands birthday!

We are now the proud owners of a GIANT bag of green beans, so you might see them appear a couple of times this week. For tonight, I'm going to defrost and cook a yummy stuffed salmon dish. I'll serve it with a side of steamed green beans with a lemon-y vinaigrette.

Stuffed peppers. We have more to use up from last weeks farmers market, so I'll try something new to stuff them with. Not sure yet, whatev's in the pantry!

Burger night at our house. I'll have a veg and Scott'll have meat. Maybe a side of green bean fries?? Maybe just crisp steamed green beans with something yummy to dip them in.

Chili with cornbread. We make it full of beans and tomatoes and chili seasoning from the store. Easy, easy. Then, we use a box of old-fashioned cornbread and make the yummiest combo ever. Just add chopped jalapeno and cheddar cheese to the mix.

Stuffed shells with veggie crumbles instead of the turkey. Should be good, I'll let you know. I'll just add a green veg, maybe broccoli

Saturday (Scott's birthday!)
I'm going to make these delish sounding Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls to start the day. Dinner will be out at Scott's fav mexican place in Encinitas and then I'm going to make him a yummy birthday cake for after! Maybe this cake.

For football Sunday we like something easy. Maybe pizza with homemade tomato soup.

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