Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Baking

Now that I'm not working full time, I have the joy of indulging in all of my holiday baking aspirations! Lucky for Scott and L but bad for our waistlines!!! Since I am also a sucker for the displays at Trader Joes and have been craving a warm, dense gingerbread, their gingerbread mix was the first thing I made in my December bake off.

It was prefect! Exactly what I was craving. Spicy, warm, dark and yummy. Just perfect. I suppose I really should find a recipe and make this from scratch, which I will, but not today!

Next on my to-do list a pistachio and cranberry biscotti. My mom and I used to make this at Christmas time when I was in high school. It's so delicious and colorful. I just need to find a good recipe because I can't remember where we got our old one from.

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