Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Week 29

On these super hot days, we find ourselves driving West in the hopes of finding some relief from the heat in the mountains.  This past week I took the kids to Tiny Town, near Conifer, in an effort to find cooler temps and something to do.  I cannot explain how much my kids love this little place.  It's full of tiny, little houses with big windows so you can peek in and see what the tiny people are doing.  The one in the pic above is the theater and H is looking in and telling me all the names of the characters who are seated inside.  So cute my little peeping toms are!  There is also a tiny (but rideable) train that takes you all around the town.  The kids loved it and L was asking when we could come back as soon as we were in the car!

This week is our last one in Denver before we all shuffle off to the Northwest to visit Scott's family.  I feel like summer will practically be over when we get back, so I want to get in a few last summer bucket list items this week with the kids.  Weird to feel like summer's almost over on July 15th!  I think this is where I would need to stop and remind myself to enjoy the moment.

Sunday - Grilled salmon and veggies, then off to our favorite Ice Cream joint to celebrate National Ice Cream Day!
Monday - CSA Monday!  We get our box of veggies today and I plan to make a version of this Farmer's Market Skillet but with farro (since we already have it!).
Tuesday - Foot truck night with friends.  I'm going to pack veggie, bean, and cheese quesadillas for the kiddos, then buy something yummy there for Scott and myself.
Wednesday - I'm having dinner out with friends, so I thought this super yummy tortellini salad for be the perfect make-a-head dinner for Scott and the kids.
Thursday - Taco Thursday! (I'm assigning all the days a personality now!) I'd like to make some easy fish tacos and some of these delicious chipotle black bean and sweet potato tacos with lots of guac.  Everyone loves guac!
Friday - Homemade pizza Friday.  I'm dying to try a fried egg pizza.  Something about the yummy yolk and the warm pizza dough sounds so strange and yummy.  I'm thinking about this one with pesto.
Saturday - Grilled fish and pesto potatoes.  With a fruit salad on the side.

So many good recipes this week! What are you all making?

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