Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Week 45

It is weird that I'm still obsessed with baking with pumpkin?  I've made pumpkin scones, cookies, muffins, bread and I still keep catching myself pinning new recipes to try.  Mmmmm, pumpkin!  
The latest find is a pumpkin swirl loaf with a chocolate filling.  It sounds so yummy.
What else should I try?  What am I missing from my pumpkin baking collection?

On another note, here's our dinner plan for the week.  It's an uneventful week except that four of the nights I am coaching, so our dinners are pretty simple.
Sunday - Grilled chicken and roasted squash for S and kids
Monday - Tofu and veggie stirfry with soba noodles
Tuesday - Grilled fish and veggies
Wednesday - Some sort of baked pasta dish, maybe stuffed shells again
Thursday - Taco night, maybe those great sweet potato and black bean chipotle tacos
Friday - Pizza for S and kids
Saturday - Dinner out with my sis and her family

Lastly, did you remember to reset your clocks?  What did you do with your extra hour (because if you have kids, I know you didn't sleep)!

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