Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Week 47

Such a fun and busy week is ahead of us.  We have family coming into town, Scott's birthday and Thanksgiving all rolled into 7 short days!

Here's our dinner plan for the week...
Sunday -  Birthday Parties galore for L, which means Scott and H are eating leftovers!
Monday - Mummy dogs or veggie fried rice.  It's up to Scott, he's cooking!
Tuesday - In-laws arrive in time for dinner.  I'm doing a crockpot veg lasagna that will be ready whenever they get in. With fresh bread and a green salad on the side.
Wednesday - Scott's birthday and his sister and her family arrive.  The Birthday Boy has requested grilled steaks.  I'm thinking a yummy salad and a light fish too.
Thursday - Turkey Day! Check out our plan for dinner here.
Friday - My sister and her family are coming up to have dinner with everyone.  I'm thinking a big easy spaghetti dinner with meat sauce and veg sauce, lots of noodles, a fresh green salad and garlic bread.
Saturday - Dinner out with Scott's parents

Happy, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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