Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Week 4

We had a fun day at the mall with the kids picking out reward toys for potty training and being a good big brother!
After shopping we had lunch at Nordy's with my mom.  My mom and I shared the most delicious salad of spinach, lentils, beet chips and zucchini.  So yummy!
I think I still had lentils on the brain when I got home because the yummy swiss chard rolls are full of them!

This week's menu:
Sunday - Scott's veggie fried rice.
Monday - Dinner out with friends.
Tuesday - Swiss chard rolls, speaking of lentils :)
Wednesday - Homemade soup and grilled cheese.
Thursday - Taco night.
Friday - Homemade individual pizzas.
Saturday - Grilled fish with roasted mushrooms and a green veg.

Have a great week!

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