Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 Week 38

Our sweet girl turns three this week!
I cannot believe it, time flies.

So, birthday celebrations on top of the weather week we've had
(floods, school cancellations, etc) have made for one crazy week.

Dinners this week: (in the hopes that our live returns to normal)
Sunday - Spaghetti dinner with veggie crumbles and garden greens.  With fresh bread.
Monday - Birthday night!  The special girl requested pepperoni pizza and veggies.
Tuesday - Baked potatoes and soup. 
Wednesday - Sour cream enchiladas with black beans and a fruit salad.
Thursday - Grilled or baked salmon with a couscous salad.
Friday - Stuffed shells.
Saturday - Dinner out, or grilling.

Have a great week!

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