Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Week 40

Fall has arrived!
Our pumpkin bounty from the garden.
The cool evenings, crisp days and fall colors are all beginning
to make their appearances this week.  

The changing season is inspiring baking (this and this), 
decorating, and slow cooker soup (this one) making!
All good things.

Dinners this week: (I have a goal of getting our 3 year old daughter to eat dinner this week. The past month or so, she's been happy to go to bed instead of eating dinner.  Here's to hoping she will like some of these dinners!)
Sunday - Game day food.  Nachos with lots of toppings (beans, tomatoes, guac, etc). 
Monday - Homemade fish sticks with an herb dipping sauce and carrot slaw.
Tuesday - Spaghetti with crumbles, sautéed garden greens, fresh bread.
Wednesday - Fried rice with veggie chicken.
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner (taking the easy way out, I know).  Pancakes and eggs and bacon, with a fruit salad.
Friday - Slow cooker veggie chili with cornbread.
Saturday - Pasta with broccoli and walnuts.

Any tips for getting a picky 3 year old to eat dinner?
Have a great week!

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