Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Week 19

Our big guy turned
 last week!
His "big present" was a skate board and new helmet.
Oh lord, it's a good thing we have insurance!

Dinners this week:
Sunday - Happy Mother's Day! It's supposed to be snowing a ton here (boo) so instead of a lovely Mother's Day picnic, we're having yummy, warm enchiladas and margaritas!
Monday - Snow predicted, soup (corn and potato chowder) and fresh bread will be on the stove and in the oven.
Tuesday - Peanut udon noodles and tofu with stir fry veggies.
Wednesday - Kindergarten continuation ceremony, means a late dinner, kitchen sink quesadillas.
Thursday - Grilling out.  Burgers and veggies.
Friday - Kindergarten BBQ to celebrate the end of year!
Saturday - Homemade pizza night.

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