Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Week 33

We found a little buddy in the yard this week.
The kids took good care of him and then deposited him in the garden to live.
On another note, summer is now coming to a close over here.
I'm sad to say that the kiddos are back in school this week,
so it's back to the grind for us.

BUT, it's also my birthday this week! 
So, we're still having a little fun.

Sunday - Salads; spinach, orzo and garden tomatoes and zuccs. Homemade chicken tenders added for the kiddos.
Monday - Take out pizza and ice cream to celebrate the first day of school
Tuesday - Pesto pasta and grilled chicken, with a fruit salad.
Wednesday - Birthday night! Dinner's up to Scott.
Thursday - Grilled fajita salads or tacos for the youngins. 
Friday - Yay! We made it through the week! Homemade pizza night, I want to try a zucchini and sweet corn pizza.
Saturday - Kitchen sink quesadillas, using up whatever we have in the fridge.

Have a great week!

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