Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 1

Martha Stewart was signing her new cookbook yesterday at our local Costco, crazy right? Well, my mother-in-law was intown and wanted to see Ms. Stewart in person, so we headed over. Of course, the place was a madhouse! It took us 15 minutes to just find a parking spot, and the line for autographs was crazy. We opted instead for just picking up her new book "Dinners at Home" and taking a few photos of the star, a much less stressful endeavor! So...I'm inspired by my new cookbook and this week's dinners will show that!

Easy Green Curry with Tofu - SO easy! Just saute some veg (peppers, onions, and mushrooms work great), add a can of light coconut milk and green curry paste to taste (I use about 2 tsb). Add in your tofu and let the whole mixture simmer together to complete yummy-ness! Serve on top of brown rice.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup and Cheese Flautas (from MS D@H)

Grilled Fish and Black-Eyed Pea Salad (from MS D@H)

Pesto with whole wheat pasta and cherry tomatoes - such an easy dish that our little guy just loves. This time I'm going to make it with spinach and walnuts (rather than basil and pine nuts), then I add parm cheese and olive oil to get the right consistency. Toss the mixture with hot pasta and add the tomatoes for color!

Homemade Grilled Pizza - this is a staple at our house. I made a homemade dough from a recipe I love from Sunset Magazine and we all do our own toppings. We usually cook it on the grill because it cooks fast and is yummy! This is something that's so easy for Scott to add his own protein on while I made mine veg!

Gratineed Baked Squash Halves (from MS D@H) with a wild rice and bean dish side

Watercress-Cauliflower Soup with Braised Fennel and White Beans (from MS D@H)

That's our week, what's yours?

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