Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 2

We've got a busy week this week, my mom is coming for her fall break and it's Halloween etc, so we're going to do some easy recipes and some even easier takeout!

Curried Veg Stew with Couscous - we love our curry!

Alton's delish take on eggplant parm. I made this a few weeks ago and Scott and I loved it, the only problem was that the eggplant was too small and the serving sizes were perfect for Lincoln, but way too small for us! Bigger eggplants this time. Served with a salad and fresh crusty bread.

Mango Salmon from food tv with veggies

Some sort of fresh grilled fish and Artichoke Gratinata from Giada, yummy!!

Trader Joe's Frozen night, woohoo! I'll have to see what looks good when I'm doing this weeks shopping.

Giada's Butternut Squash and Vanilla Risotto, add a side of something green and we've got dinner! Perfect for Halloween, right?

Thali from Trader Joe's, take-out Indian, easy and delish.

That's our week, what's yours?

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