Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Week 20

The garden is planted and even though it's going to be weeks before we are eating anything from it, I'm inspired for a week full of garden fresh veggies!
Sunday - It's Mother's Day and I have a swim meet all weekend.  So, dinner's up to Scott.  He's mentioned something about crabcakes, corn on the cob and parmesan fries.
Monday - Green noodles (pesto) with grilled tofu and a carrot salad (still looking for recipes...)
Tuesday - Grilled portabello mushrooms, steak for Scott and a big green salad.  I also want to try this herbed flatbread recipe from Giada
Wednesday - Black pepper salad with Asparagus and Romano and grilled salmon
Thursday - Chinese noodle salad with sesame dressing
Friday - Taco and Margs night.  I'm thinking of those chipotle black bean and yam tacos from a few weeks ago.
Saturday - It's Little Man's birthday party today!  The little prince himself has requested pizza and cupcakes (try not to be too surprised!)

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