Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toddler Snack Ideas

We have the pleasure of providing Little Man's class with snacks this week and I'm a bit worried.  I want to do something that's fun, healthy and easy for the kids to have at school.  Any ideas?  I need to come up with ideas for two snacks a day for two days.  One of those needs to be a birthday treat, but I'm going for something less sugary and more fun! Of course, I've been scanning Pinterest and I've found some good ones.
Like these butterfly snack bags
Or these pretzel, chocolate, goldfish yummy-looking things

Update: We made both of these and they turned out super cute!
 Here are the butterfly snacks that were such a hit!  The kids all loved them.
These little bites of chocolate and pretzel are super cute in Little Man's fav color blue!

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