Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make Ahead Veg Meals

I have a dear friend with a foot injury who cannot walk or drive for another couple of weeks.  Her mom was here initially to help out, but had to leave yesterday, so a few of us are organizing dinners for the family.  I'm making a big batch of this delicious Tortilla Soup today (photo from the blog) and will bring half of it over to their house for tonight.  I'm also busy pinning more make ahead meals that travel well.

I think the key to bringing dinner to someone is making it as simple as possible for the recipient.  I try to always use disposable or recyclable containers so that no one has to make any effort to return anything.  I also try to bring something that can easily be eaten that night, or put in the freezer for another night.  On that note, I try to aim for meals that will please everyone.  No strong flavors that kids might not enjoy.  After all, you're trying to make life easier for someone and it's not easier if they still have to short order cook for their kids.  Lastly,  I try to provide a full balanced meal.  Either soup with all the fixings or a pasta dish with a salad and fresh bread.  If there are kids (or dessert lovers) I also put in a handful of freshly baked cookies or maybe muffins for the next morning.

Here is a list of my favorite meals to bring to a friend:
Portobello Lasagna Roll Ups
Corn and Potato Chowder
Any kind of baked pasta (this baked Ziti is my favorite)
A cold pasta salad (this one is really yummy!)

What are your favorites?

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