Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Week 41

We had our first snowfall last week!
But now, it's back to the 70's, so we can't complain.  
Love that crazy Colorado weather.

I'm happy to report that dinners last week were a success.
H ate (or at least took a bite of) everything.

This week's dinners:
Sunday - We have friends coming over for the Bronco game.  I'm going to make some yummy game snacks, which will probably turn into dinner.  I'm thinking more pretzel bites with beer-cheese dipping sauce, hummus and veggies, and spicy veggie tortilla soup in the crockpot.  
Monday - Veggie curry with TJ's sauce, and homemade naan.  
Tuesday - Pesto grilled tilapia with a green veggie and brown rice/quinoa side.
Wednesday - Leftovers, or last minute grilled veg quesadillas.  
Thursday - Homemade mac and cheese with a green veggie on the side.
Friday - Soup in the crockpot.  A veggie minestrone probably.  
Saturday - Dinner out or something easy, I have no good ideas!

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