Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 12

I'll just tell you now that some of those dishes from last week were a BIG hit. Both of the egg dishes went over very well with all of us. I highly recommend you try them if you can, sooo good.

We're expecting lots of rain this week (3 storms) so I'm getting us ready with lots of warm, easy dishes with tons of veggies! I found a lot of this weeks recipes from Martha Stewart's meatless dinner section. Check it out, there are TONS of yummy, healthy recipes on there.

-Chimichangas with Fresh Tomato Salsa
-Spinach Pasta with Walnut and Arugula Pesto (this is always popular in our house because it's a good way to get L to eat his greens)
-Roasted vegetable enchiladas (we make these a lot, it's a good way to get some veggies and beans covered in cheese and wrapped in tortillas!)

3 small onions
soy ground
can of diced tomatoes
1 c. sundried tomatos (not oil packed)
5 oz goat cheese + 1 cup
firm tofu
red pepper
bok choy
snow peas
3 oz walnut pieces
4 oz arugula
1 lb spinach linguine
black beans
root veggies
fajita seasoning
enchilada sauce
1 leek
3 portobellos
whole wheat rolls

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